TKL Group

Branding, Web Design, Art Direction

Known as a leader in the industry, TKL Group has been designing and manufacturing custom and modern precast concrete construction projects in Canada and the US since 1977. Going into a new decade, the brands focus is dedicated to reducing the burden on our environment and empowering construction industry professionals to go green through the use of sustainable construction products and processes.

Created a new brand expression that re-vitalizes TKL group, and embodies their eco-friendly, sustainable, and green process. By incorporating natural and earthly imagery, we broke out of the plain and grey aesthetic of the concrete profession. The goal was to incorporate the eco friendly branding without being too playful, to maintain a clean professional look thats distinguishable compared to competitors. Research and work has led TKL group to a unique design strategy, that sets the company up for the next decade of growth.

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